Short:    Utility to transfer data from Casio databanks to Amiga
Uploader: (Mario Mure')
Author:   Roberto Bizzarri, 2:332/901.31@fidonet
Type:     hard/misc

                      * M c C a s i o    v 0 . 4 0 *
                    Written by Roberto Bizzarri © 1995
                             Assistant: Cybor

     McCasio  is an utility designed to exchange data from Casio® databanks
to   Amiga.  The  known  models  are  Digital  Diary  SF-4300A/SF-4600  and

     This  version  allows  only transfer from databank to computer and not
viceversa  because  I couldn't yet understand the transfer protocol used by
databank to receive data.

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